Monday, February 4, 2008

Summer, somewhere

It's the middle of summer down under, and there's nothing I'd like more than an Aussie barbeque with all-dressed burgers and watermelon raspberry vodka cups (pictured left, image from Gourmet Traveller). 

The first time I had an ozzie burger  -- in Newcastle, New South Wales -- I was a little shocked by the idea of a fried egg, pineapple slices, canned beets, cheese, fried tomato, bacon, lettuce, AND condiments all on top of  a beef patty on a hamburger bun. But is it ever delicious. I could go for one right about now, along with a nice dose of warm weather.

I like the idea of making fresh watermelon juice by blending chunks of the melon and then passing it through a sieve. Can't wait to try it in our summer... let's say, oh, six months from now?

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