Monday, January 18, 2010

painting old furniture

Oops, I haven't posted anything in a verrrryyyy looong time. That's because I wasn't feeling very creative until about a month ago, when bam! All I want to do is take old furniture and paint it pale, distress, and decorate all the corners of my little house.
How ugly is the dresser above? Soooo ugly. It was $10 on kijiji. I decided to paint it blue and add these beautiful handpainted knobs that my sister sent to me from Guelph.

The table above was a $15 kijiji purchase. It was kinda wobbly and cheap feeling, probably Debbie Travis or something like that. I like the curved legs and little drawer.

We have about a hundred half full cans of paint in the basement, all different shades of grey, white, and blue... for real... some of them were here when we moved in to the house. The rest are because we've painted every room in the house about three times in the past two years. I mixed the same 3 colours in different quantities to get the shades you see on the dresser, table, and grey mirror.
I'd like to get a little bench and a small mirror to turn that table in to a vanity.

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style-for-style said...

wow that's actually a sweet mid century modern tall boy dresser, your could probably sell it for more than $100.